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Our Environment

As a firm, we are firmly committed to understanding and minimising the environmental impact of our business.

Our aims are set out in an Envrionmental Policy that is shared with all colleagues when joining Blandy & Blandy.

Matters are discussed at depatmental and all staff briefings during the year and reminders are shared via email and displayed in all of our offices.


We seek to minimise our consumption by using energy responsibly, promoting this among our colleagues, and investing in energy-efficient technology and equipment, including the insulation of our buildings.

Our offices at 1 Friar Street and 24 Thameside are powered by 100% renewable electricity and in the near future will be heated by 100% green or Carbon offset gas.

We will ensure that we have and display Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) or Energy Performance Reports (EPRs) for our offices, and review these closely to ensure a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our premises.     

We aim to reduce our annual consumption of energy by at least 5% year on year.


We will minimise our consumption by using water responsibly, promoting this among our colleagues, and investing in water-saving sanitary ware, plumbing and appliances.

We aim to reduce our annual consumption of water by at least 5% year on year.

Paper and printing

We aim to use paper that is recycled or sustainably sourced (i.e. FSC certified) and we encourage colleagues to only print where essential, with double sided black and white printing our default setting.

We also aim to limit our printing and our postage by working and communicating electronically wherever possible.

We aim to reduce our annual consumption of paper by at least 5% year on year.

Our printed marketing  materials are primarily designed for electronic use but when small print runs are produced, we will always use FSC certified paper. In the past three years we have reduced the level of printed marketing  materials we produce by over 50%.

Waste and recycling

We are committed to minimising our waste output and to recycling effectively. We aim to limit any waste sent to landfill and our non-recyclable waste is instead directed to a waste for energy plant.

Colleagues in all of our offices are able to recycle a growing range of items, including paper and cardboard, stationery, batteries, toner cartridges, IT and electrical equipment, food packaging and wrappers and drinks bottles.

We aim to reduce our non-recyclable waste levels by at least 5% year on year.


We seek to identify and purchase the most environmentally friendly and recyclable option when making a purchasing decision and we are committed to significantly reducing and eventually eliminating our use of single use plastic.


Our most recent staff survey showed that 93% of colleagues commute via public transport, walking or bicycle. We aim to support this by providing season ticket loans and secure bicycle storage on-site.

We promote the use of video conferencing where practical and in the best interests of those involved, reducing the need to travel for meetings and certain events. When travelling between our offices or for appointments, colleagues are encouraged to use public transport wherever possible. Our firm also holds an account with a local taxi provider, to limit colleagues’ need to commute to work by car.

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“Blandy & Blandy kindly shared their story of embedding sustainability into the firm's working practices at our first session for sustainability champions.”