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Chairman Brenda Long on Article 50 and Brexit

Brenda Long

With Prime Minister Theresa May set to trigger Article 50, the formal mechanism for starting negotiations for Britain to leave the EU, on 29 March, Blandy & Blandy LLP’s Chairman, Brenda Long, is encouraging clients and others to ensure that they are well prepared and to “focus on the positives”.

“According to recent research conducted by a well-known planning and performance management company, 44% of UK businesses haven’t started preparing for Brexit. Furthermore, previous research has suggested that the majority of UK-based companies did not have contingency plans in place should Britain decide to leave the EU in last year’s referendum.

We are here to advise our clients as the country navigates towards Brexit, helping them to identify and maximise the benefit of new opportunities, while reviewing their organisation’s operations to protect against any risks or wider implications resulting from future changes. 

Change almost invariably brings opportunities and without change we cannot grow and evolve. Leaving the EU will enable us to step back and consider which EU influences have been, and continue to be, positive and to endeavour to retain these, whilst discarding some of the more frustrating aspects of EU membership and the ‘red tape’ which goes with it.

We can advise clients on key areas that businesses need to consider, including commercial contracts, employment, mergers and acquisitions, data protection and information governance and intellectual property.

For lawyers this is an interesting and challenging time. Many of our laws have been created or moulded by EU influences and not all of these will be retained. Whilst some might be preserved, others are likely to be repealed or amended, with the hope that it will be the best that remain.

Even in the thirty or so years that I have been with Blandy & Blandy, we have seen many changes and worked through several economic ups and downs, each of which has led us to adapt and to become stronger and more resilient. And of course, throughout its near 300 year lifetime our firm has seen much more beyond.”

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