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Insights // 11 January 2023

Why is it Important to Make and Update a Will?

Partner Caroline Casagranda, in our Wills, Probate, Tax & Trusts team, explains the importance of making a Will and the reasons to review and update your existing Will over time.

Why a Will is important

A Will is a legal document that comes into effect when you die and records how you want your executors to deal with your estate.

A Will is a vital document enabling you to plan for the future by protecting your assets for the next generation. For example, if you have children from a previous relationship or if you may need care in the future, incorporating a trust structure in your will can protect the capital for your children or grandchildren whilst also providing security for your spouse.

What your Will should deal with

  • the appointment of executors who are then responsible for administering the estate in accordance with your wishes
  • any funeral wishes
  • the appointment of guardians for any young children
  • any specific gifts, whether to friends, family or charities
  • how the remainder of the estate should be distributed.

What happens without a Will?

Without a Will your estate will be administered in accordance with the Intestacy Rules, which are often more complicated and the administration can be more expensive.

A Will is particularly important for unmarried couples as the surviving partner will not automatically receive any benefit from your estate.  

Likewise, step-children or friends do not have any legal entitlement to your estate. 

Updating your Will

You may already have a Will in place but it is essential to keep it up to date, particularly when significant life events occur; for example:

  • if you have any children and/or any arrangements made for them change over time
  • upon divorce
  • if an executor and/or beneficiary dies in your lifetime
  • if there is a change to your financial position

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Caroline Casagranda

Caroline Casagranda

Partner, Wills, Probate Tax & Trusts

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